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False advertising, bait and switch marketing, hidden fees — these are just some of the unfair, deceptive, and misleading practices that companies might use against you. All you really wanted was a reliable cell phone service, but instead, you’re met with violations of your basic consumer rights. It can be incredibly frustrating to face deceptive corporations, especially when it seemed like they meant you no harm. However, there is hope. These companies that mislead and scam their customers gain an unfair advantage over ethical competitors, but state and federal laws provide consumers with protection. 

For years, I’ve been guiding individuals to seek fair compensation and protect their rights under the law. Located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, my practice — Law Office of Brian Holland — exists to help you seek favorable outcomes in the marketplace. Don’t hesitate to seek protection under the law. Reach out today to schedule a free consultation. 

What is Consumer Litigation? 

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Consumer litigation seeks to protect your consumer rights, both in and out of court. Every case and every client is unique, but typical issues in consumer ligation include the following:

  • False advertising
  • Unfair and fraudulent practices
  • Improper, excessive, or hidden fees
  • Online scams
  • Breach of contract
  • Fraud in auto-renewal programs
  • Charging for services never provided
  • Violation of consumer protection laws

Most consumers eventually recognize if they have been scammed, but not all consumers know that these deceptive market practices are an infringement of their rights. When you purchase a product or service, you enter into an agreement with the company or supplier. If the product or service is found to be deceptive in some way, this agreement has been breached, and you may be able to claim damages. This is when it becomes important to reach out to a consumer litigation attorney.

Seeking Compensation from a Company?

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Consumer Protection in Florida

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Your rights when purchasing a company’s product or service are explicitly stated and protected in Florida. Consumer laws in Florida are meant to protect residents from scams, enforcing their rights against corporations. The statues found in the Florida Deceptive & Unfair Trade Practices Act cover consumers’ rights in the marketplace. They are intended to safeguard you, the consumer, in a wide variety of commercial transactions. These consumer protection laws in Florida adhere to the Uniform Deceptive Trade Practices Act, protecting the rights of any consumer to file suit. Banned behavior varies based on the industry, but typically includes such actions as deceptive advertising, product tampering, or hidden fees.

Protection Against Hidden Fees

 Most companies that offer online services present potential users with a user agreement. This is standard practice. However, large corporations often act deceptively during this process, misleading you into agreeing to pay fees that were ‘tacked on’ to the agreement in a misleading way. In fact, in some cases, the fees were completely hidden — until the time comes for you to pay them, of course.

As a dedicated consumer protection lawyer,  I am prepared to take action against major corporations and seek favorable results for my clients. Hiring a skilled attorney is important when dealing with the hidden, fraudulent fees of large companies. It is never a good idea to go at this alone. My entire law practice is centered on fighting diligently and compassionately for the little guy. Call me for a free consultation in  Fort Lauderdale in Broward County, FL, to learn how I can fight for you and help you protect your rights.

Consumer Litigation Attorney Serving Fort Lauderdale, Florida

When purchasing products or services from a company, it’s important that the customer do what is right, using these products and services ethically. Unfortunately, major corporations haven’t upheld their end of the bargain. When you know you need to pursue what is fair and just, don’t hesitate to reach out to an attorney who will fight for your consumer rights. My firm treats deceptive trade practices seriously. I proudly serve the counties of Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach in South Florida, with offices in Fort Lauderdale. Fight for fair compensation today by scheduling a free consultation.